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December 31

Today's Real Solution

Stay tuned for daily tips starting January 1, 2011

January 1

Today's Real Solution

The power food

Protein is the most filling food. Have some at every meal to curb hunger and stay full longer.

January 2

Today's Real Solution

Get the kids moving

Don't have time to exercise? Take the kids for a walk and you'll all reap the benefits.

January 3

Today's Real Solution

Lunch not optional

Take a lunch break if you can. No really, take one–and eating at your desk does not count.

January 4

Today's Real Solution

Potato power

When you bake a potato, eat the skin! It's a great source of fiber, vitamins and even protein!

January 5

Today's Real Solution

Where's your beef?

Beef may have a bad rep, but it may help you retain muscle while you lose weight.

January 6

Today's Real Solution

Cut out the clutter

Take a minute to organize your calendar, desk and inbox. It'll save you time in the long run.

January 7

Today's Real Solution


On behalf of your dentist, we kindly remind you to floss. Today and everyday.

January 8

Today's Real Solution

Fight fall gain

Shorter days may mean weight gain and major blahs. Upping your exercise may counteract both.

January 9

Today's Real Solution

Healthy treats

Reward yourself for hard work with a healthy treat–think massages, manis or a new gym outfit.

January 10

Today's Real Solution

Get flexing

In lieu of a raise, consider asking your boss for flextime and restore balance to your hectic routine.

January 11

Today's Real Solution

Divvy duties

It can be hard to let go of responsibility, but that's what your good coworkers are for.

January 12

Today's Real Solution

Get cracking-up

A minute-long laugh may have the same mood-boosting benefits as 10 minutes of exercise.

January 13

Today's Real Solution

Sweat the stress

Exercise can help beat work-related stress, so try to hit the gym a few times a week.

January 14

Today's Real Solution

Soap up

Washing your hands helps eliminates the germs and bacteria that make you sick. Enough said.

January 15

Today's Real Solution

Water weight loss

Watery fruits like grapes aren't just a health snack, they may keep you full longer.

January 16

Today's Real Solution

Hounds for health

Pups may help lower blood pressure and heart rate. So adopt–it's good for them, and you.

January 17

Today's Real Solution


No one's perfect. So do the best you can, and let the rest go.

January 18

Today's Real Solution

Yokes up

Have an egg at breakfast. They're filing, so you'll eat less later on.

January 19

Today's Real Solution

Downsize dinners

Restaurant servings may be oversized, so order a kid's portion to eliminate the risk of over-eating.

January 20

Today's Real Solution

Front load chores

Run errands on a weekend morning. That way you can spend the rest of the day relaxing.

January 21

Today's Real Solution

Bold mood boosters

Buy a sweater or shoes in a bright color–it can boost your mood and it's always good to mix it up.

January 22

Today's Real Solution

Reach for Romaine

It can offer twice the fiber, calcium, potassium and seven times the vitamins A and C of iceberg.

January 23

Today's Real Solution

Say "no" already

If you can, try to make it a rule to say "no" to half of the things you don't want to do.

January 24

Today's Real Solution

Go nutty

Just a handful of nuts a day has been shown to lower heart disease risk by 35 percent.

January 25

Today's Real Solution

Pass the glass

Get your daily 64oz. from a glass instead of a plastic bottle to help reduce endless landfill waste.

January 26

Today's Real Solution

Bye, bye belly fat

An apple a day may keep more than the doctor away.

January 27

Today's Real Solution

Leave work at work

Try to enjoy your time away from the office. It'll make you more productive while you're there.

January 28

Today's Real Solution

Music moves

In a workout rut? Change up your playlist to get you going again.

January 29

Today's Real Solution

Rev your metabolism!

Chiles may cause your body to burn extra calories for up to 20 minutes after you eat them.

January 30

Today's Real Solution

Slimming secret

When diet and exercise get pushed aside, but the big event doesn't, count on a little black dress.

January 31

Today's Real Solution

Spice it up to lose

Spicy foods make you eat slower, so you've got time to realize you're full.

February 1

Today's Real Solution

Lose the snooze

When you hit snooze, you're probably not getting quality sleep. Skip the false alarms to log real Zs.

February 2

Today's Real Solution

Ditch the scale

Stop obsessing over numbers–instead, use your clothes as an indicator of weight gain or loss.

February 3

Today's Real Solution

Get cheesy

One serving of full-fat cheese a day may help you keep weight from creeping up.

February 4

Today's Real Solution

Busy bee

Good news is: busy people tend to be happier. So at least your hard work is paying off!

February 5

Today's Real Solution

Give it a rest.

That goes for you and your laptop. Try to disconnect and focus on the important things around you.

February 6

Today's Real Solution

Become a worm

When was the last time you opened a book? Challenge your grey matter with one new read a month.

February 7

Today's Real Solution

Switch it up

Do something new everyday–try a new recipe or a new route to work–and keep life interesting!

February 8

Today's Real Solution

Don't skimp on sleep

Sleeping less than 7-8 hours may make you crave fatty foods. So turn in on time.

February 9

Today's Real Solution

R&R no matter what

Try to relax a little this weekend by reading a book or taking a bubble bath.

February 10

Today's Real Solution


Coffee is a great source of antioxidants, so perk up! There may be some cancer-fighting benefits.

February 11

Today's Real Solution

Stick to au naturale

When picking peanut butter, go natural. Most brands have no added sugar and no trans fats.

February 12

Today's Real Solution

Dress to de-stress

Clean out your closet already. Less clutter–even at home– may mean less stress overall.

February 13

Today's Real Solution

Pump iron

Lifting weights may rev your metabolism for hours after your workout vs. just doing cardio alone.

February 14

Today's Real Solution

Tea it up

Studies show that sipping tea may help some of us deal with stressful tasks better. So sip away.

February 15

Today's Real Solution

Spread the laugh

Memorize a good joke, and tell it often.

February 16

Today's Real Solution


Vitamin D may ward off colds, so be sure to eat plenty of vitamin-rich foods, especially in the winter.

February 17

Today's Real Solution

List it

When chores get overwhelming, make a list. Visualizing your to-dos can make them seem more manageable.

February 18

Today's Real Solution

Stick to a serving

Don't deprive yourself of the foods you love. Just fix yourself one serving–and stick to it!

February 19

Today's Real Solution

Exercise your brain

Breaking a sweat does more than keep you fit–it may keep your mind sharp as you age.

February 20

Today's Real Solution

Say thanks

Stop and think of one thing you're grateful for today. It's always good to stop and smell the roses.

February 21

Today's Real Solution

Just do it already!

Take care of chores as soon as you're able and stop procrastinating.

February 22

Today's Real Solution

Walk this way

Or wherever you can. Every step gives you a little more exercise and a little more energy.

February 23

Today's Real Solution

Break the fast

Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going and may help you eat less throughout the rest of the day.

February 24

Today's Real Solution

Skim it

If you drink whole milk, try switching to skim or 1%. You don't have to go cold turkey–try 2% first.

February 25

Today's Real Solution

A meeting with gym

Treat exercise like any other appointment–you wouldn't cancel on your boss now would you?

February 26

Today's Real Solution

Give back

The economy may be bad, but giving your time means more than cash–for you and the recipient.

February 27

Today's Real Solution

A better fit

8 out of 10 women wear ill-fitting bras. Make sure you're not one of them and get fitted by a pro.

February 28

Today's Real Solution

Co-coa cure

Dark chocolate may reduce blood pressure. So calm down with a bit of the sweet stuff.

March 1

Today's Real Solution


Try to dedicate one night a week to just you, and use it wisely!